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Baroque garnet sleeper earrings l Multicolor

Linda Collection, Satellite Paris

This multicolours jewellery stands out as a key piece in our Linda collection. Adorned with various gems such as garnet, jade, turquoise and carnelian, these earrings will definitely attract attention. The radiance of the Swarovski crystal and Japanese beads highlights the deep red shades in this fashionable jewellery.
  • Multicolor
  • Pearl


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More details

Product type: Earrings
Clasp type: Sleepers earrings
Metal: 14 Carats gold colored metal
Clasp type: Anyolite, Yellow dyed jade, Turquoise, Cornelian, Garnet
Ref.: LIN12DO/M
Composition: Glass stones, sequins, anyolite, yellow dyed jade, turquoise, glass beads, cornelian, garnet, japanese beads, Swarovski crystal
Dimensions: L1,5 x H8,5 cm

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