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Padparadscha Noir
Extrait de parfum 100 ml

Collection, Satellite Paris

Discover the first perfume from the House of Satellite: PADPARASCHA NOIR, a limited edition of just 1987 pieces, representing the year in which the company was founded. Elegantly androgynous, luscious, infinitely carnal and delicately muted, in its high concentration (18%), the PADPARADSCHA BLACK perfume extract is an exquisitely mastered and singular oriental fragrance.

Totally opaque, the bottle encapsulates the precious content keeping it astutely protected from the light. Attention to detail … the bottle is presented in a luxurious case of white vellum, sealed with the Satellite seal and hand numbered with a stamp. The perfume PADPARADSCHA NOIR also comes with a secret message waiting to be decoded ... in the centre of the bottle is placed a dark disk and when the shimmering bottle is moved, it reveals the anamorphosis … as if by magic.
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