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Discover padparadscha noir

The fantasy of a yet to be discovered fragrance

There is just one step that separates the caress of jewellery on skin and the imprint of a lingering fragrance. Sandrine dreamt of sublimating intimacy with a scent woven from the memories of the countries she has visited and the fragrant notes that have captivated her imagination. Neither floral nor outrageously feminine, she imagined it as round and woody, elegant, sensual and “gourmande” with a distinctive signature. A brilliant essence that would resemble no other.

The ultimate piece that could stand out... alone !

“We forget many things but olfactory sensations always remain.”

A modern oriental fragrance yet tamed and totally endearing.

Sandrine has always been totally fascinated by a fire coloured sapphire called Padparadscha so she decided to revisit it to make it even more singular... an imaginary stone of outstanding beauty.

The olfactory “translation” of this stone will be dark yet luminous, profound and majestic. Unique! The elegant and vibrant fragrance will be protective, comforting and enveloping.

From dreams to reality, stone becomes perfume...

“We forget many things but olfactory sensations always remain.”

Elegantly androgynous, delicious, infinitely fleshy and delicately subdued. Padparadscha Noir is a very singular and perfectly balanced oriental fragrance. Woven from fine materials, chiselled and cut like a precious stone and orchestrated thanks to the expertise of its creator Sandra Dziad.

Top notes

The composition takes flight on an almost mineral top note refreshed with grapefruit and spices – Ginger, Clove, Elemi, transported on swirls of Incense – Sublime Oliban highlighted with black and pink peppercorns with their bubbly accent.

Heart notes

Tolu, Siamese Benjoin with their almost syrupy and honey flavours that are softened by floral base notes …. delicate Rose petals, Jasmin and classy Iris for a powdery after note.

Bases notes

Patchouli is “sculpted” for a sensual and brilliant levitating sensation and is accompanied by other precious woods such as creamy Sandalwood, Lignum Vitae and Cistus with its animal like contours. The sweet aroma of Vanilla with a hint of delicate and silky white musk rounds off the fragrance to perfection.

A limited 30th Anniversary Edition

The luxury of details and a flawless finish. The mysterious black disk accompanies each bottle of perfume that is presented in a stunning white vellum box and that is sealed closed with the satellite seal and hand numbered... 1987 pieces... a subtle reminder of the year in which the House of Satellite was founded.

This perfume delivers a secret message to be decoded. The object is set in the middle of a black disk. When the mirrored bottle is moved all is revealed, as if by magic.

“The most beautiful voyage is a perfume from somewhere far away”


Its curves and smooth, mirror finish sublimates the champagne gold coloured metal.