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Satellite celebrates its 30th birthday

30 ans Satellite 30 ans Satellite

Satellite celebrates its 30th birthday …

We’re delighted and very proud to announce this forthcoming birthday !

30 years of creations, 30 years of jewellery, travel research and shared pleasure and work! 30 years of inspiration !

I remember the very first “real piece of jewellery” that I made. I was fifteen. My mother had offered me a very strange stone, and I wanted to set it into a ring. My mother had patiently taught me how to cut into a sheet of silver, solder, set, file and polish, and this all gave me a desire to create…

I remember all the “first times” that have occurred during Satellite’s history: first times that have given the company its strength and life.

The stand in Rue Rambuteau where we exhibited jewellery designed during the trip to Bali, the very first trade show that fast-tracked us into the world of fashion, the first collaboration with Maison Chantal Thomass, the first trip to Japan, the first shop in Rue du Cherche Midi, and many other first times that it would take too long to list here …

30 ans Satellite


This anniversary year has been packed with excitement.

Olfactory excitement first of all, with the creation of Padparadscha Noir, which adds to all our fantastic trips a motionless, fanciful journey made up of elegant, vibrant, protective and captivating scents.

Then, like a return to our roots and that first “real piece of jewellery”, made of silver, came the birth of the precious, delicate GOLD line, creating a new star chart for Satellite. A poetic, elegant line based on a love of beautiful stones, a simple design that leaves room for imagination and mystery. The jewel is represented as the symbol of a link, a sense of belonging, a strong connection with the world and its beauty.

30 ans Satellite
30 ans Satellite 30 ans Satellite

Thank you…

Thank you to women !

Thank you to all the women who have lent us their faces to showcase our jewellery !

Thank you to all those muses who inspire us !

Thank you to all the women who celebrate our style !

Thank you to all the men and women around the world who manufacture a piece of our dreams !

Thank you to all the men and women who share their expert, patient know-how with us !

Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui fabriquent de par le monde un morceau de nos rêves !

Thank you to all the men and women who, like us, believe in the importance of detail !

Thank you to all the men and women who have put their trust in us !

Thank you to fashion !

Thank you to these 30 years spent with you !