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Elegant gem and sequin mid-length necklace| Multicolor

Linda Collection, Satellite Paris

The fine gold-plated metal, which is carved with care, gives this jewellery a sophisticated appeal inspired by the splendours of the Italian Baroque and evoke a jewellery casket. Enhanced by a pompom of metallic threads, this pendant necklace also stands out with its multi-coloured gems: jade, turquoise, carnelian or Japanese beads embroidered on sparkly sequins. A piece of jewellery worthy of haute-couture!
  • Multicolor
  • Pearl


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More details

Product type: Necklace
Clasp type: Medium-length necklace
Metal: 14 Carats gold colored metal
Clasp type: Anyolite, Yellow dyed jade, Turquoise, Cornelian
Ref.: LIN42/M
Composition: Sequins, anyolite, yellow dyed jade, cornelian, Swarovski crystal, japanese beads, silk thread, turquoise
Dimensions: 38 cm + 8 cm extension chain (pendant L1,5 x H7,5 cm)