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Pop bangle with turquoise and garnet l Multicolor

Collection, Satellite Paris

Carefully assorted, the multicoloured turquoise, garnet and lapis lazuli gems create a sunny combination that will adorn your outfits in a single gesture. Evocative of hot summer days, this beautiful fine gold plated metal bangle perfectly reflects the ethnic chic trend that we are showcasing this season with our Iancura collection.
  • Mauve
  • Multibleu
  • Multicolor
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Pearl
  • Plum
  • Green


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More details

Product type: Bracelet
Clasp type: Jonc
Metal: 14 Carats gold colored metal
Clasp type: Turquoise, Green jasper, Garnet, Cornelian, Lapis lazuli, Hématite gold
Ref.: IAN22/O
Composition: Turquoise, Fresh water pearl, Green jasper, Garnet, Cornelian, Lapis lazuli, Glass beads, Hématite gold
Dimensions: Adjustable

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