Satellite [SATELIT] n.m.  celestial body that orbits a planet.
A name that reflects the nomadic free spirit that inspires the House creations.

ETHNOLOGY & DESIGN: two facets of a single passion.
At SATELLITE, exploration is the Grail, whether it is for the ultimate creative gesture, the quest for new materials or simply, expertise.
There is also an innate desire to tell a story about the riches the world has to offer through unique and very personal creations. A rich and intimate universe at the crossroads of:

    . TRIBAL ART, raw beauty, authenticity and timeless accuracy./span>
    . ELSEWHERE, travel, nomad land and deep-rooted nomadic cultures.
    . BAROQUE OPULENCE, Orientalism, light, gold and silver, precious embroidery, vibrant colours and rich, deep hues.
      des broderies précieuses, des couleurs vives et des teintes profondes
    . CREATION & COUTURE, elegance and irreverence,
      paths crossing and leading to … the unexpected!